Davis is arrested, issues a statement
by GREG KAYLOR, Banner Staff Writer
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According to officials with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division, Henry K. “Hank” Davis, 58, a pastor at a Cleveland church, was arrested and charged with sexual battery by an authority figure last week after a Polk County grand jury indictment was released.

Officials noted the new charge stems from an investigation regarding allegations by a second person.

Davis was charged in Polk County in July after allegations surfaced that Davis, who is pastor of Church of the Harvest, had inappropriate sexual contact with a girl under the age of 16, while on a youth mission trip to the Parksville Lake area of Polk County, Polk detective Brian Fields said in a statement after Davis was charged.

Davis was also charged this month by Cleveland Police Department regarding the same alleged victim.

“From the allegation in the indictment which is all we have seen at this time, it appears this additional accusation is made by the same person and essentially during the same time period as was the Polk County case which has been pending for several months,” said James Logan, Davis’ attorney, recently.

According to Fields, he and detective Josh Stroud “currently have two charges pending against pastor Davis where it is alleged that he brought two separate female juveniles to the Polk County area and had inappropriate sexual contact with them on two separate occasions.”

Logan said Wednesday he will review the new allegation and respond appropriately.

Davis was released after posting a $30,000 bond on the most recent charge.

Davis issued a statement today, through Logan, regarding his charges. Below is his statement in its entirety:

“The allegations which have been made against me are patently false. I did not commit the crimes with which I have been charged. My hope, prayer and belief is that the people of Bradley County and Polk County will listen objectively to the evidence and make decisions based on the facts.

“It is time for people to know what the process to date has been. I was charged with committing an act as a result of a process which did not allow me the opportunity to present what actually occurred. The Indictment was a ‘secret’ indictment. I was first required to pay a $5,000 bond though there was absolutely no reason to believe that I would do anything other than appear and respond to the allegations. The allegations were given front-page publicity by the news media whose rights I respect, though I may disagree with the choices which they make.

“Thereafter, the state of Tennessee chose to again secretly present and charge me with having committed acts against the same individual in Bradley County and I was required to make a $50,000 bond. This was required in spite of the fact that I had properly responded to the allegations which had been made against me. Again there was absolutely no reason to believe that I constituted a risk of flight. I took no action which would cause the government to believe that I constituted a threat to the person who made the allegations when my bond was increased tenfold.

“Now, the same process has been followed and I have again been charged and again accusations have been made against me which I deny and to which I will respond properly. Again, I was required to make a $30,000 bond when everyone knows that I will respond and appear in court without the requirement of any bond. The time has come for the public to know our ministry and the work which we have done.

“I experienced restoration in my home 27 years ago when I had made serious mistakes which were unrelated to any accusations of sexual misconduct. For 21 years, my wife and I have dedicated our lives to recovery and restoration of others whose lives have been battered by storms of addiction, brokenness, family problems, poverty and hunger.

“We have dedicated our finances, hearts and resources to rebuilding lives by operating a substance abuse recovery program for men and have witnessed hundreds of lives restored. Families have been rebuilt, marriages have been restored and a future generation saved from the same pattern of substance abuse. We have offered grief and divorce support for many facing life’s insurmountable challenges. We have developed a program for women from government housing developments, homeless shelters, unwed mothers and the elderly to have a day devoted solely to them.

“We have had a food pantry that has been open every week for whoever was hungry and hundreds of people have received food from our ministry. Our clothes closet has been opened for years and again, many, many people have had their needs fulfilled by our ministry.

“I give thanks to those who have assisted us as we have tried to do good in our community. Our hearts remain dedicated to doing good in this community and we will not be deterred from these efforts by the false accusations which have been made. We seek only the prayers of those who know us, not only for us but for our accusers. We pray that people will withhold judgment pending the determination of the facts as they will be presented.”

Logan said his client asked that he be allowed to present this statement to reflect his position and feelings concerning the continued adverse publicity which he has received.