Garrett sentenced in CVS robbery
by By GREG KAYLOR Banner Staff Writer
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Suspects charged

in Cleveland Bank robberies

Several cases which have been reported on by the Banner during the past year have came to a close.

One case involved a man charged with severely beating another man, a case of a pharmacy robbery and two bank robberies where suspects are in custody.

A man who was charged after robbing a CVS pharmacy in November pleaded guilty and will serve 11 years in the Tennessee Department of Correction.

Charles Franklin Garrett, 32, was taken into custody a short time after he took prescription drugs from the CVS location on Stuart Road Nov. 10.

Garrett reportedly threatened the pharmacist with a knife, according to reports.

Garrett jumped the counter and took 10 bottles of pain medication, then fled on foot.

Video security footage aided Cleveland Police Department investigators in identifying him as a suspect.

Police reportedly dealt with Garret the day before after a disturbance at a pain medication clinic.

According to Assistant District Attorney General Stephen Hatchett, Garrett also pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and three counts of aggravated assault in an unrelated case.

Garrett had been charged with aggravated robbery and resisting arrest regarding the CVS investigation.

n Two Chattanooga men were arrested after an FBI investigation led to their arrests for allegedly robbing two Cleveland banks last year.

According to reports, Mario David Meriweather, 37, and Christopher Lee Allen, 33, have been charged with robbing the Bank of Cleveland Perimieter Drive location in March 2012, and Southeast Bank and Trust on Keith Street in October.

FBI along with Cleveland Police Department Criminal Investigator Brian Pritchard began their investigations after the March robbery.

Meriweather was charged last week with two counts of aggravated robbery and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Allen was charged late last week with two counts each aggravated robbery and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Both men were taken into custody and are being held on $750,000 bond, according to court officials.

n A jury convicted a man of a lesser offense after he was initially charged with attempted second-degree murder in a fight which happened New Year’s Day 2011.

James Avery Ladd, 32, was found guilty recently of reckless endangerment by a Bradley County Jury.

The jury had heard testimony Tuesday and Wednesday in the reported beating of Timothy Doyle.

The assault took place on the property of Waffle House, located on Georgetown Road in the early morning hours on Jan. 1, 2011.

Prior to the assault on Doyle, through the investigation and testimony in court, jurors learned that Ladd and his wife, and Doyle and his wife had all been at Nawlins Resturant attending a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Ladd’s wife and Doyle were employed at the same company and Doyle was introduced to Ladd, but never socialized further, according to testimony from Doyle.

The Ladds reportedly left the Nawlins and walked across the street to the restaurant to eat.

A short time later, Ladd’s wife reportedly got into a verbal altercation with other patrons.

Cleveland Police had responded to a call just after 2 a.m., regarding a waitress at the restaurant being assaulted.

According to testimony from Janice Bowen who was the employee who was allegedly assaulted when Ladd’s wife had requested a to-go box, Bowen recalled the woman had been arguing with people at another table in the restaurant.

Bowen testified that Ladd had apparently attempted to calm his wife. Ladd and his wife had exited the restaurant and Doyle was reportedly standing on a sidewalk at the Waffle House.

Assistant District Attorney General Stephen Hatchett, who presented the case to the jury showed video security footage of what reportedly transpired.

Witnesses said it appeared Doyle approached Ladd while he was attempting to calm his wife. Testimony included accusations that Doyle was cursing and called Ladd a name.

According to Ladd’s counsel, Public Defender Richard Hughes, Ladd had recently under gone surgery on his eyes to repair his corneas.

Hughes said Ladd, who did not testify defended himself when Doyle approached and reportedly shoved him.

Doyle took the witness stand and Hughes asked if he had approached Ladd.

“Not aggressively,” answered Doyle. Doyle stated he was approximately 6-8 feet from Ladd.

“I said something like…she’s (Ladd’s wife) had enough,” Doyle said.

Doyle said he was then “sucker punched” and was not conscious after that.

Ladd reportedly told Doyle “he wanted no trouble that he and his wife were trying to enjoy the New Year” celebration, according to Hughes.

Marvin Woods, another witness who testified at the trial said Doyle was “right behind him (Ladd) as he walked toward the parking lot at the Waffle House.

Woods told the jury he did not drink and observed the altercation which ensued.

Hughes in closing said Ladd was attempting to get his wife to leave the restaurant because she was intoxicated.

“He was upset. She was out of control. But she never asked for help from Mr. Doyle,” Hughes said.

“He decided to get involved,” he added.

“His(Ladd’s) intent was not to assault her, but to get her under control and Mr. Doyle was very confrontational.

Ladd’s criminal history includes prior arrests and convictions for attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated riot, robbery, posession of narcotics for resale.

Ladd has been incarcerated at the Bradley County Jail due to a probation violation was reported after the altercation.

Ladd was sentenced to serve 11 months-29 days regarding the reckless endangerment conviction.

According to court officials, he is scheduled to be released in January 2014.