Videotaping at CHS Tuesday ‘went great’
by DELANEY WALKER, Banner Staff Writer
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Lip dubbing
LIP DUB SINGERS were spread at key points at  Cleveland High School. Freshmen filed into the school’s theater to act like excited fans for Mitchell Thomas’ time on the camera. He mouthed the song’s lyrics while touching extended hands of fans and signing autographs. Banner photos, DELANEY WALKER
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Cleveland High School students showed off their school spirit by participating in the 2013 lip dub video through dancing, cheering and smiling for the camera.

“The taping went great,” said Jon Souders, CHS broadcasting teacher. “The students were really excited and had great school spirit.”

This year’s lip dub video recording included the entire student body present for school Tuesday afternoon.

According to Souders, only juniors, seniors, clubs and sport teams were a part of last year’s taping.

Caroline Ledford, head of the student-led endeavor, said freshmen and sophomore students would help fill the gaps in this year’s taping.

Several concerns remained prior to shooting on Tuesday. Ledford said mistakes from last year’s video included lip dub singers going out of character.

According to Souders, this year’s lip dub singers rose to the challenge.

“The lip dubbers stayed in character even if they made a mistake. They did an amazing job,” Souders said.

Recording began in front of the science wing and ended on the school’s football field. Students were lined up throughout the school either in lines or standing with their various clubs and sport teams.

Coaches were contacted several weeks ago to request their team’s participation. Faculty and students worked side-by-side to ensure everyone was in their proper place.

The camera crew did two run-throughs. According to Ledford, the first was to ensure everyone knew how the video would look. Students were asked to give their all for the second taping. Once the camera passed by each section, students took off for the football field.

Souders taped the action while walking backward through the school grounds. A student guided him by holding onto the harness used to hold the camera steady.

Prior to Tuesday, Souders revealed the device used is called a steady cam. He said it makes the taping smooth and allows the camera to more or less “float.”

Ledford and Souders said everyone worked hard to top last year’s video.

“This year’s lip dub was more exciting than last year’s since we involved the entire school,” Souders said. “It was also longer and involved more ‘singers’ than ever. I guess it was overall ‘Bigger and Better.’”

More than 30 lip dub singers were used throughout the taping of this year’s lip dub. These singers were comprised of roughly 21 broadcasting students and additional students interested in participating.

Each student memorized and mouthed lyrics to four songs chosen for this year’s taping. The song choices were “I Can Only Imagine” by Chris Brown; “Wannabe” by Spice Girls; “Beauty and the Beat” by Justin Bieber; and parts of “Pop Anthology.” They will be dubbed to the video.

Souders said the CHS Lip Dub will be posted by Friday morning on the Cleveland High School YouTube page. The account name is “ClevelandHS.” The video may also be viewed on the school’s website,

Souders said he appreciates all the work put into this year’s video.

“I would like to personally thank everyone who was involved and the amount of effort they put in to make it happen,” Souders said. “The students, faculty, staff and administration made it a success.”

Continued Souders, “I would also like to thank Caroline [Ledford] for her dedication to make it an amazing production and I am very proud of her. This year’s lip dub was a complete success!”