The Bible and Current Events: Stormy days may be near
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When our Lord returns, multiplied millions of people around the world will be caught up to heaven amid joy, celebration, and peace. The picture on earth, however, will be strikingly different.

The Bible solemnly warns: “For in just a very little while, ‘He who is coming will come and will not delay’” (Hebrews 10:37). God’s Holy word is saying, “One day, one hour, it will be over.” Judgment is coming!

Human nature says, “It can’t happen to me.” But it can! And it will. Any day God’s judgment can come and He will declare, “That’s enough! It is over.” Then His wrath will fall upon all who have rejected His Son.

“Oh,” but you say, “Surely not! God is loving and gentle! He wouldn’t do that!”

What about Noah’s day? What about Sodom and Gomorrah? Remember, Jehovah is a just God as surely as He is merciful and loving. The apostle Paul warned, “But mark this: there will be terrifying times in the last days” (2 Timothy 3:1).

The seven-year Tribulation following the Rapture will not be the end of man, but more than half of mankind will die during that short, but awful, period (Revelation 6:7; 9:15).

Also, at the end of that mind-boggling time, anyone left who has not accepted Christ will die (Matthew 25:41). What depressing news, you say. The Gospel is supposed to be good news!

Remember, I’m only the postman delivering the mail! You don’t shoot your mailman if he brings a bad letter, do you?

We all like good news; we all prefer upbeat talk and writing, but there isn’t much of that in the Tribulation.

Jesus said, “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now — and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive. ...” (24:21, 22).

We might ask, “Isn’t that a dirty deal?”

Larry Poland answers: “Are you kidding?

“A ‘dirty deal’ after God has given us 2,000 or more years to anticipate the timing of the final curtain and scores of prophetic signs that are all lining up to declare that the curtain is about to close?

“And now that you have all the information ... for which you are accountable, you’d better be really sure this decision is settled. Now.”

Most of us are optimists, and it is not easy for some of us to believe that catastrophe awaits the world. Nonetheless, that is exactly what God’s Word foretells.

How could a loving God allow worldwide suffering and destruction? Why would He permit the dreadful Tribulation to come?

On the other hand, a holy God whose very nature is purity and righteousness must surely ask how much longer can He allow wicked man to mock Him with gross sins and flagrantly dishonor His Son.

God will allow the Tribulation in order to bring unregenerate man to the end of himself and to bring mankind to its knees so that some will repent and be saved.

He will allow the holocaust upon the earth to show His power, to demonstrate that He is the sovereign God.

J. Dwight Pentecost, anticipating the imminent Tribulation, wrote: “It seems as though God has prepared this world for judgment. In spite of the generations of preaching and teaching and warning, men have rejected the message of the Word of God, and it appears that God is bringing them now to the time of judgment.

“The only thing that prevents the beginning of that judgment is the presence of the believers here on earth now. The time could shortly come when the stage master will push the button and the curtain will go up, and those judgments will begin.”

Are you ready for God’s future? Bow before Him. Confess your sins. Accept Him into your heart. Vow to follow Him daily. Now you are ready!