Keeping it Green: Greenway users have many ways to spread word of our linear park
by Cameron Fisher Cleveland/Bradley Greenway Board
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As much as our Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway is used by individuals, families and groups, there are still many people who have never ventured out onto one of our community’s most valuable assets. I regularly come across people who say they are aware we have a Greenway, but are unaware of how long it is, where it meanders or why it is so important.

I was speaking to a community leader just last week who asked me, “Does it connect all the way to Home Depot yet?”

I guess because I am so immersed in the process, I find it hard to believe that not everyone has traversed the entire length of the Greenway at least once! On the other hand, I regularly hear from those who use it every day or have just recently discovered its benefits and beauty. If you are one of those who have not ventured onto the Greenway yet, you are invited to find out what all the fuss is about!

Seriously, getting the word out about the Greenway is an ongoing challenge. The best way has always been word-of-mouth. Nothing sells like satisfied “customers” saying good things about your product or service. If you have shared the good news about the Greenway with someone, keep it going!

In addition to talking it up, there are some other ways to promote the Greenway:

1. Use It: When people drive by and see dozens of walkers, runners, strollers, bikes and pets competing for space on the Greenway, it sends the signal of, “I am missing out on something.”

2. The Website: If you have not visited, check it out. There is information about all facets of the Greenway and the latest information on events and happenings. You are also invited to leave feedback or ask questions at

3. Facebook: Social media is the conversation carrier of choice these days and the Greenway has a Facebook page. To find it, simply type “The Greenway” in your FB search option. When you get there, be sure to “Like” the page and then leave a comment or two if you are so inclined.

4. Brochure: In the last month, a new tri-fold brochure has been introduced which details all things about the Greenway, including distances, parking options, etiquette and other relevant information. A grant to the local Stormwater Office here in Cleveland funded the brochures which have been requested for years by the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce. This is where most of the inquiries about the Greenway land. You can obtain copies of the brochure from the Chamber, the city of Cleveland Engineering Office or any Bradley County School which has a “Mini-Greenway” on its campus.

5. Attend or Hold an Event on the Greenway: Especially now that spring is upon us, events on the Greenway are plentiful. The most prominent will be the upcoming “Chalk the Walk” festival slated for April 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hundreds of people are expected at this first-time event to raise awareness and funds for the Greenway Public Arts Committee.

Once again, while all of the above are effective, positive talk from Greenway supporters sells our Greenway the best.

Help us get the word out!