Finance OKs 15 budget changes
by JOYANNA WEBER, Banner Staff Writer
May 23, 2013 | 631 views | 0 0 comments | 4 4 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Bradley County’s Finance Committee had more amendments than usual Wednesday as it tries to get as many budget amendments taken care of before the final amendment meeting June 6.

In all, the committee approved 15 amendments and delayed two.

Amendments that have been deferred from a previous meeting concerning the Healthy Community Initiative grant were approved. The amendments established the awarded amount and approved the emergency medical service to receive its grant. Transferring the funds to be awarded had been postponed because of a question of whether the amount was correct. The corrected amount of $92,861 was approved.

An amendment for the soil conservation district was approved to fund a secretarial position until the new budget year. Committee chairman Ed Elkins explained that the person had retired and had accumulated 30 days of vacation. Paying the retiring staffer for this vacation pay used up the funding that would have been paid for the remainder of the fiscal year. Committee member J. Adam said he plans to pull the amendment from the consent agenda so that it can be discussed by the whole Commission. He cited concerns about the fund balance going below required levels as his reasoning.

A request for the Emergency Medical Service was approved to move unused funding from one part of the budget to cover medical insurance, laundry service, medical supplies, gasoline and utilities.

Elkins expressed concern at the listed $50,000 figure for gasoline. Elkins said he would prefer to see smaller amounts requested throughout the year rather than all at once.

“I don’t like these surprises at the end of the year,” Elkins said.

The committee approved an amendment to cover the insurance deductible for three lawsuits against the Bradley County sheriff.

Insurance payments to the Bradley County Sheriff's Office and Bradley County Schools were also accepted. Other amendments provided funding for departments needing additional revenue to cover utility costs.

Donations to Bradley County Fire-Rescue were also accepted. The committee also approved accepting the funding for the hazard mitigation grant to build the three fire stations.

Two budget requests were deferred until the next committee meeting. One was for the stormwater department and the other for misdemeanor probation.

Lowe asked that the stormwater budget amendment be postponed because he had a question as to why additional database and spreadsheet work was needed.

The misdemeanor probation amendment requested $25,000 of a projected $60,000 in excess revenue brought in by the department. The request was postponed because Lowe wants to make sure excess revenue will not be needed to cover other requests.