Saluting lost heroes
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During our hometown’s Memorial Day Remembrance Service last Monday, this newspaper — and an assembled Courthouse Plaza crowd of some 250 area residents — became aware of many reasons, each just as important as the other, for safeguarding this annual, heartfelt ceremony.

Please allow us today to list some of the most important:

James Akers Sr., Leon Austin, Olive Barnett, Edward R. Barton, Charles L. Bates, Robert C. Beach, George E. Beard Jr., Larry J. Bennett, Roy D. Benson, Jerry Bird, Boe Blackwell, Harvey A. Bolin, Charles E. Boring, Vance W. Boring, Luther E. Botts, Gordon Bowker, Paul Buddy Brock, Alvin P. Brock, Arthur Brooks Jr., Jerry Brookshire, Robert W. Brown, Steven R. Bulfin, William Lee Bunch and Julian Burke;

Floyd J. Cain, Zackery L. Caldwell, James Frank Cardinal, Dennis W. Cartwright, Richard P. Casmey, Tony R. Casson, William H. Casteel, James E. Castello, William Chadwick, Jeff D. Cheek, James B. Cissom, William T. Clayton, Sherden B. Cloer, Cledis C. Coffey, Robert Conrad and James Cross;

George T. Davis, John W. Davis, Ray J. Davis, Roger M. Davis, William 0. Davis Sr., Heinrich Dickhut, Don Dowdy, Thomas A. Dudding, Patrick Dwyer; Edward Easley, Percy E. Eaves Sr., William Ehly, Roy Paul Elkins, James H. Epperson, Larry Lee Everhart; Ernest Fason, James A. Flowers, Charles Forgey, James Fritz; Edward F. Gates, Edgar S. Goins, Arthur W. Gonia, Harold A. Graham, Carl D. Green, Donald G. Griffith and Jack W. Grubb Jr.;

Oliver Hammond Jr., John H. Hardwick, Homer Harris, Frank 0. Harris Sr., Charles N. Henderson, Quinn L. Hixson Sr., Michael Hogan, James P. Holt, David W. Hooker, Bill Hopkins, Ricki Lee Horton, Paul V. Hoskins, Richard A. Houston, James R. Hurst, Greg Hutchinson, Richard Hyde and Kenneth Hysinger;

Robert R. Irwin; Joel Johnson, Bobby G. Johnson, Charles F. Johnson Jr., Ronald Johnston, Edgar Jones, Jerald W. Joyner; George Kagel, Harold W. Kelly, Melvin Key, William Al Kimsey, Thomas L. King, William A. Kinsey; James Lashlee, Edgar H. Lawman Jr., James G. Lawson, Obe Jack Lawson, Jerry L. Ledbetter, William A. Ledford Jr., Lee Carlos Leek, Roscoe Leffew, Patrick J. Lennon and Sylvester Lonzano;

Joseph D. Martin, Don H. Mason, Dennis Mattson, Michael S. McAmis, William R. McCall, Joe McClure, Harry L. McDaris, Billy Joe McDowell, Kenneth McKinney, Robert L. Meeks, Albert E. Miller, Fred R. Miller, Bobby A. Miller, Alvin E. Miller, Albert B. Miller Jr., James R. Mills, Gerald E. Morris, James C. Mosley, John S. Moynihan, Artis Lee Mullinax and Eugene Myers;

Joseph W. Nance, Clarence C. Nease, Harley J. Nease, William Noel Jr.; Billy Joe Osment, Robert Owens, Robert Owens, Duel Ownby, Jack Ownby, Dow N. Ownby; Joseph Herman Park Sr., James R. Patrie, Newell Ralph Patterson, Edward H. Perry Jr., Samuel D. Pharr, James E. Placek, Charles L. Pounders, Charles Price, William L. Pritchett and Tommie E. Proctor;

Thomas Lee Radar, William V. Ratcliffe, Paul Rayfield, Martin L. Reed, Bruce Renner, James 0. Renner, Thomas L. Riddle, Bruce E. Ritchey Jr., Tommy Rogers, Dirse Rogers, Dale E. Rose, John M. Ross, William A. Ruff, John H. Runyon, Chester Rush, Fred Rush Sr. and Johnnie C. Rymer;

Rocky L. Scarborough, Robert A. Schaeffer, Raymond Schlueter, Phillip P. Schoate, Larry Z. Scott, Henry W. Shelton, Mitchell Shoemaker, Mitchell K. Shoemaker, Linton W. Smith, Ralph Smith, Linton E. Smith, Orin Jack Souther, Billie O. Sparkman, Jack V. Springer, Bill W. Stewart, James E. Stuman, Walter J. Stumphf and A.M. Swiger; and,

Gary H. Thompson, Norvin A. Tinsley, Rossie R. Tipton, Edward E. Townsend, Gene Trewhitt, James H. Tucker; Bobby L. Ward Sr., Dennis R. Webb, James A. Wells, Billy Gene White, Richard Wilcut Sr., Larry Rick Wilson, Eldon R. Wilson, John “J.W.” Wilson, Edward N. Wise, Harold B. Wofford, William H. Woody, Dennis Wyatt and Casimir Yaniscavitch.

These are the names of Bradley County veterans who died in the year since Memorial Day 2012.

On behalf of your families, your community and your country, we salute you.

May your service to America never be forgotten.