Reader’s Choice 2013: ‘Best of Bradley County’ winners Sunday!
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Associate Editor

Anyone who was looking for Sunday to be a calm and ordinary day in Cleveland and Bradley County can kiss those hopes goodbye.

Instead, this second day of the coming weekend could set a modern-day record for crosstown communications — via cellphones, landlines, text messages, emails, Skypes and slow conversation between neighbors over the picket fence.

And throw in the Pony Express for the county’s more rural corners.

That’s because it’s going to be a day meant for boasting — before and after church services, of course, not during — because the lighthearted but long-awaited results will be released for Reader’s Choice 2013, also known in Cleveland Daily Banner readerland as “Best of Bradley County.”

Yes, on this cherished day of braggin’ rights the winners — as voted by Banner readers during an 11-day balloting blitz in mid-May — will be unveiled in five classifications and 174 categories. Names and photographs and lots of other information will be included in a 40-page keepsake tabloid that will be found inside Sunday’s edition.

Some have even called it — with a smile and tongue in cheek — a “shameless shot at everyday marketing.”

Proud winners in a long list of categories will be identified in these five classifications: Automobile, People, Restaurant, Services and Shopping.

What’s the best automobile dealership in Bradley County? Find out Sunday.

Who’s the best teacher, nurse, dentist, plumber, lawyer ... even newspaper columnist ... in the community? Find out Sunday.

What restaurant in Cleveland serves up the best coffee, steak, breakfast or hamburgers? Find out Sunday.

What’s the best bank, hotel or worship center in town? Find out Sunday.

Where’s the best place to go for some new duds, a tool set or a bag of groceries? Find out Sunday.

“Our readers responded so well to last year’s inaugural ‘Best of Bradley County’ awards that it would have been wrong not to bring it back in 2013,” said Stephen Crass, Cleveland Daily Banner publisher. “And just like last year, a lot of people had a lot of fun with the contest.”

He added, “We look forward to announcing the results in all 164 categories. We hope our readers, and everyone who loves Cleveland and Bradley County, will make a point to get their copy. This special section will be included in the regular edition; plus, copies of the tabloid will be available at the newspaper office.”

The Cleveland Daily Banner is located at 1505 25th St.

For two years running, Reader’s Choice has been a fun and lighthearted contest between any faction of life that’s part of the community; but, it’s not a scientific survey. It’s just a popular vote by area residents who want to throw some recognition on the people, groups, businesses and organizations that they believe are the “Best of Bradley County.”