This Week in History 7-14
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Cleveland residents tried to ignore mid-July’s summer heat wave in 1954 by cheering at softball games, having social gatherings, studying local farmlands and welcoming new friends to town.

Wednesday, July 14, 1954

It’s getting hotter

Unlike recent downpours, Cleveland residents in ’54 were experiencing a heat wave.

An article broke the news saying, “Brothers and sisters, you’d better get out those walking shorts, oil the electric fans and mix a pitcher full of juleps, or head for the tall timber, because all things being equal, it’s going to be plenty hot for at least a couple more days.”

The temperature at one time was measured at 102 degrees.

Callaways lose

to Red Bank, 5-4

An American Legion game found Red Bank’s win sealing the Callaways as the last place local team in the system. The Callaways fought valiantly, tying the score in the bottom of the second and fifth frames. Red Bank responded with three runs in the top of the sixth. These proved to be the winning runs of the game.

McGruffey was highlighted as having a home run, while the Callaways’ Chifford Swafford had a circuit clout and two hits.

Thursday, July 5, 1954

Farmers invited

to Alfalfa Day

W.M. Hale, county agricultural agent, invited local farmers to attend an Alfalfa Field Day on the farm of W.A. Shadow in Meigs County. According to reports, alfalfa was a very important hay and pasture crop in Bradley County. However, farmers were having a hard time getting and maintaining a good stand of alfalfa in their fields. Hale explained tests like fertilizer variety were conducted in an effort to solve the problem.

Shadow reportedly had some very interesting results with his alfalfa growth.

American Legion

to honor members

A total of 21 American Legion members with 35 years’ continuous service were recognized at Legion Home in ’54. Those honored included: Harrison Fair, Herman Larson, James F. Anderson, L.F. McDaris, James F. Corn, W.T. Corn, James M. Park, C.L. Wilson, C.F. Kelly, W.B. Parks, R.B. Hunt, Ralph Riden, Clarence Richmond, J.D. Morelock, Hohn Morelock, H.G. (Sonny) Soward, Mansfield Petty, Paul Abel, Pat Randolph, Bethel C. Brown, Wallace W. Jacobs and Hall Hain.

South Americans visit Bradley

Angel Talavera and Jimmy Padil’a of Panama, and Louis Beltran of Bolivia, were in Cleveland to observe methods used in getting information on agricultural subjects to farmers by way of mass media. County Agent W.M. Hale explained the three were connected with the agricultural information departments of their respective governments. Other destinations on their plan included Knoxville, Michigan and Wisconsin. While in Cleveland, the three men visited the senior 4-H club, the Hopewell Home Demonstration Club, Rotary and various farms throughout the county.

CES announces

new residents

The Cleveland Electric System released a list of new residents for interested natives and community leaders to meet and greet.

Some of these newcomers included: Mrs. C. Chastain Jr. from Roanoke, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Gray from Houston; Mrs and Mrs. Ellis K. Harmon of Covington, Va.; Gerald Moisan of Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Woods of Bastrop, La.; and Mr. and Mrs. Forest Wilson of Savannah.

Friday, July 16, 1954

Cleveland cadet

trains in Texas

John T. Burch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Burch, attended four weeks of summer training at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas. He came about this opportunity through his involvement in the Advanced Air Force ROTC cadet program at the University of Tennessee. He had the opportunity to observe and participate in Air Force operations.

Kiwanians hear Chattanoogan speak

on living standards

Ben A. Peterson of Lookout Mountain told the Kiwanis Club of Cleveland that America’s competitive system produced the world’s highest standard of living. He said free enterprise resulted in a better economy, freedom for development and quality in produced goods. He highlighted the same could not be said in countries where fascism, socialism and communism rule.