Pet owner eyes ‘No Kill’ for shelter
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To The Editor:

My name is Wendy Pollock and I am a big supporter of Bethney Foster and her fight for animals.

For several months now, I have been fighting for the cats and dogs of Cleveland’s shelter. I will not give up that fight till it’s a No Kill Shelter.

Way more people spay and neuter, and all realize animals are forever family members, not throwaway items.

I have two cats, both rescues. I adopted my 1-year-old Siamese-Burmese mix from the Cleveland Shelter at the end of June just days before she was to be put down. Her name is now Lucky and she is the best cat I have ever had the privilege to have in my life. In her first year of life, she had been greatly neglected and used only as a breeding machine.

When we brought her home, she had very recently had babies who she was still nursing when she was dumped at the Shelter by her “owners.” She was very, very underweight and full of fleas.

We brought her home and nursed her through an infection caused by her babies being taken before they were weaned. We treated her for fleas and worms which she no longer has. We fed her better than she had ever eaten. In just a few weeks she is a whole new kitty.

Despite her rough life before we adopted her, she is very, very sweet and loving.

We named her Lucky mostly because we are blessed and lucky to have her.

Those who fight for rescuing these animals are not spreading disease. We are not careless nor irresponsible. We are animal lovers who want to assure all animals are healthy, happy and loved — not used as breeding machines — and that all pets are pampered family members. This is a mission of life, not just a cause.

I, for one, will stand ... by all who are fighting for animals as long as I am able to.

— Wendy Pollock

Tellico Plains