Finance panel OKs funding change
by By JOYANNA LOVE Banner Staff Writer
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The Bradley County finance committee approved an amendment Wednesday for the County Clerk’s Office to return funding that should have been placed in that department’s reserve account.

The amendment requests $34,032 from the general fund that should have been put in the reserve fund. The amendment also included a $10,000 increase in revenue.

“There was a change in the way the state handles car tags and business taxes,” said committee chairman Ed Elkins.

The local office will retain more of each fee and the clerk will be required to buy more supplies.

Funds given to the Clerk’s Office from the amendment will be used to purchase computer hardware and supplies. The office’s budget has also been changed to include these item as a separate line item.

An amendment for the Emergency Management Agency was also approved. The amendment accepted funds from organizations that rent use of EMA communication towers. The funds will be used to pay for use of 800 MHz radios.

“All of our departments are (using) or converting to these 800 MHz (radios),” said Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis.

When the conversion began, EMA volunteered to cover the cost of office using the technology.

Elkins said he wanted to know if the revenue had been previously designated for funding use of 800 MHz radios or if this was simply where the department wanted to use it.

He said he thought the revenue from the tower was needed to pay for the tower. Davis said he could have the department head give further explanation.

Also during the meeting:

- The committee approved a contract for inmate medical care. The contract will be reviewed by the county attorney and then signed by the mayor.

Davis said he had received a letter stating that a new contract had not been signed before the June 30 expiration of the current contract. He reviewed the Commission minutes and found the Commission had approved the contract, but sent it to the finance committee for review.

- Eloise Waters provided explanation of recent budget amendments that had been approved. The amendment was to provide salary funding for a part-time position. The additional revenue came from an agreement with Bradley County Juvenile Court to provide medical services.