Speaking on ... taking the hard road
by ROB COOMBS ID. Min. Ph.D.
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What’s it gonna be — the easy road or the hard road?

Sounds like a trick question, doesn’t it? The answer is too obvious. Given a choice, wouldn’t anybody take the easy road?

Yes, given a choice, most of us would and often do choose the easy road in life.

Why not? Why not travel the easy road when either road is there for the choosing?

On the surface, it would seem that traveling the easy road is the best choice. That’s why it’s so tempting to choose. But for those of us who have traveled a good distance down the road of life, more often than not we find the hard road, not the easy road, is the better choice.

In fact, looking down the road of life already traveled, I have discovered that those who traveled the easy road often have had a harder life and those who traveled the hard road often have had an easier life.

For example, it’s not easy for a teenage girl to say no to sex when pressured by the boy she adores. But by making the hard decision to say no, she paves the road to an easier life by avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

Another example, it’s not easy to make the many sacrifices to obtain a good college education, but saying yes to education paves the road to greater life satisfaction and meaning.

Another example, it’s not easy saying no to drugs. After all (as teenagers claim), "Everybody else is doing drugs. So why not me?" But taking the hard road by saying no to drugs may result in a much easier road of a life without drug addiction.

Another example, it’s not easy to turn down a cheeseburger, fries, hot fudge sundae and soft drink. But choosing to do so on a regular basis may result in a trimmer body and less risk of coronary heart disease.

Another example, it’s not easy to resist the temptation of an extramartial affair, but choosing to say no can pave the road to an easier life which never knows the terrible pain of a family divided.

Another example, it’s not easy working diligently and faithfully while others are goofing off and taking advantage, but choosing the hard road of remaining a productive employee may result in an easier road when rewarded with promotion and extra pay.

And one more example, it’s not easy to say no to the temptation to make up needed time by exceeding the speed limit. But choosing the hard road to remain within the legal speed limit may result in avoiding unnecessary trauma.

Enough examples. Remember, choose the easy road and your life — more often than not — will be hard. Choose the hard road and your life — more often than not — will be easy.