United Club holds its Christmas meeting on Dec. 17
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The United Club met Dec. 17 at the Golden Corral restaurant for its Christmas luncheon. Charles Lupo was the guest speaker.
The United Club met Dec. 17 at the Golden Corral restaurant for its Christmas luncheon. Charles Lupo was the guest speaker.
The December United Club Christmas meeting was held Dec. 17 at the Golden Corral restaurant. Hostess Martha Bostic called the meeting to order and submitted prayer requests for absent members because of sickness and for the scheduled speaker who was also ill. Bostic requested that she be remembered in prayer concerning her heart issue and Martha Ledford, also, requested prayer.

Martha handed out some lapel pins provided by Charles Lupo to the club members present. He gave Christmas cards, also, to those present, along with other members who exchanged cards.

Joe Ben Chase gave the opening prayer and Bostic led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Ledford led the group in singing “Silent Night” and “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Ledford said, “That’s what Christmas is all about, celebrating Jesus to come and his purpose for coming was to die for us, to die on the cross for us and be resurrected, for without the resurrection we have no hope.”

Bostic read Luke 2:7, and commented, “You know, no room, no room, no room — there was no room for Christ and yet he was born in a stable. And you know, you get to thinking about it all down through the ages, 2000 years, there’s never been room for Christ. We’re so busy doing all these things we gotta do and this is not only Christmastime, it’s all the time,” she said.

She introduced Lupo, the guest speaker, who spoke on “Why Christmas?” He said that Martha called him to be the guest speaker for the meeting as a fill-in. So after receiving a card in the mail with a Scripture verse on it as a confirmation for what he was to speak on, he made preparations to speak on the second chapter of Luke. He said, “I want to talk about, ‘Why Christmas?’ They call it the holiday season now ... that’s kind of the thing to say, because we’ve got some holidays kind of clumped in there too.

“So I want to ask, ‘Why Christmas, why Christmas in this holiday season?’ Now that is a silly question to answer to if you asked that question to a kid.”

Lupo said that kids would say, “What do you mean, why Christmas? Kids in their minds know what Christmas is all about. That’s an easy answer for a kid, It’s a time of fun, goodies and yummies and toys and lights and Christmas trees and things to do,” he said. “For a kid, it’s an easy answer, you want to have a good time, they want the things that Christmas brings them itself,” he said.

Then Lupo said that if you ask an adult who has been schooled in religious matters and attend church, they’ll say that Christmas celebrates the time for the birth of Christ. Charles said that a lot of adults do not go to church these days. A lot more in this nation than we realize that do not have any religious affiliation and think of this time as generally another holiday season. Charles said that there are some adults living among us who believe that these holidays are just much ado about nothing. “Well I can’t wait until it’s over and get back to my regular schedule of things,” he said. “Some of us may call them Scrooges, some may say, ‘Ba humbug,’ but the fact is we need to be aware that all folks don’t always think like folks that go to church,” he said.

He read a Bible verse from the Christmas card — Luke 2:8-14:8. After the reading, Lupo said, “Two things that grown-ups need to know about Christmas. That’s the message of Christmas that God became a baby, He comes looking for us, He comes to live like us, He comes to be with us. The purpose of Christmas is to give glory to God in the highest heaven. Simply put the purpose of Christmas is the reconciliation of man to God. God came down and the flash to our home — to Charlie’s home — so that he can be like me and reconcile me to him.

“If there’s anything that you can ever remember about the Gospel, the dos and don’ts, the theology and everything else involved with it, remember this is a Gospel of love, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.’”

In conclusion, Lupo said, “Christmas says, ‘get all dressed up.’ Look for the reason of the season and guess what, we got a place to go (heaven). A very Merry Christmas to ye all.”

Club recorder Shawn Markie received the door prize, courtesy of Steve Robinson of Cleveland Plywood. Markie donated several door prizes, also, which were given to everyone present. Alexander Delk gave the closing prayer.

Others present at the meeting were Ruby Ball, Kent Gunderson, Barbara Tucker, Lily Cunningham, Calvin Davis and Juanita Poteet.

The next meeting of the United Club will be Jan. 28, 2014. For more information on the United Club, contact Bostic, Club at 479-9207; Lupo at 478-5766; or Markie at 476-5426.