Our County: A look at our fiscal and physical resolutions
by D. Gary Davis
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Well, here we are at the middle of the first month of 2014 and if you are like me the New Year’s resolutions are beginning to either become second nature or needing a second look.

When most people even consider setting goals, some are for weight loss, some to hopefully quit smoking and exercise more, but according to USA.gov both financial and physical goals are at the top on many people’s list. The ability to save money, manage debt, reduce, reuse, recycle, manage stress and exercise more seem to hold a prominent place in the Top 10 of their list for resolutions for 2014 as well.

Not only is this good for individuals, it is also great for governments. It is a proven fact that a majority of stress can be related to financial factors and that through determination and a conservative plan to accomplish goals, true fiscal and physical improvements are not only within reach, they are attainable!

Objective proof of this fact was released on a Jan. 14, 2014, posting from the full-service media brand Business Facilities’ designation of Tennessee becoming the 2013 State of the Year. Business Facilities is a national publication focused on site selection and economic development whose selection of Tennessee back in 2009 now means that we join Texas as the only two states to have won this honor not just once, but now twice.

“Tennessee continues to impress us with its aggressive execution of a diversified growth strategy,” said Editor-in-Chief Jack Rogers.

The state has put in place a solid foundation for robust job creation for years to come. While many factors were also considered, the multiple billions in investments in Bradley County and our region of Tennessee have also played a pivotal role in this selection process in both years.

With investments being placed in our area, it is also wonderfully exciting to know that those investments are being put to use in the process of ensuring a secure and prosperous future for all of our citizens.

This proof comes from Bradley County once again receiving a good audit report by the state of Tennessee, Comptroller of the Treasury, Department of Audit.

It has been shown that Bradley County’s accounting and reporting standards are current and something that we can all be proud of as we continue to correct deficiencies and tighten our controls. This team effort is proof that our finance director, Lynn Burns, her staff, committees, departments, myself and all involved have a common goal of being good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.

To place this in perspective and to give our citizens an idea of the volume of activity that we have, Bradley County’s general operating fund, special funds, debt service fund, capital project funds and permanent funds during fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, included:

n Approximately 78,000 total General Ledger transactions;

n Approximately 28,000 invoices keyed; and

n Approximately 25,000 warrants written.

With this amount of information to verify the recap from the state of Tennessee, the report stated, “There were no material weaknesses, no instances of noncompliance that were material to the financial statements and no significant deficiencies in internal control over major programs. Bradley County qualifies as a low risk auditee. The general Government Funds had a net asset increase of $3.0 million over last year. Debt paid last year of $3,884,146 and even with the new borrowing for [Bradley County] Fire-Rescue of $2,785,000, long-term debt decreased overall by $1,099,146.”

With facts like these, it is good to know that the New Year’s resolutions of many who want financial security for their family, employers, community and governments are strategically aligned to not only survive but to prosper in 2014, and beyond!

I hope everyone’s New Year is starting out a good one.

I look forward to working with you, and for you, in the years to come.