Our County: A special thank-you to our own Lynn Burns
by D. Gary Davis
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When you think of numbers what image do think of? Was math a subject that you enjoyed in school or was it a cause of severe frustration and anxiety? As adults we have to use this tool, called math, on a daily basis.

The ability to master this skill, or be mastered by it, is one that we all encounter with choices that we make each and every day. What will it cost our family to borrow money to purchase an automobile or home? What interest will we earn on money that we have saved for retirement? Should I have actually put money aside for “a rainy day,” and if so how much?

The weather is changing to give us a new season called spring, but we are also entering another time of year known as the “tax season.” And Tuesday, April 15, is the final day for our Federal tax forms to be filed for the majority of Americans and the businesses they may own or work for.

Bradley County government is also required to follow rules and regulations that are in place to ensure that all monies received not only are invested, but also returning the most benefit for each dollar spent.

There is more involved with our budget process than can be included in a brief informational column, but I was always taught to give honor to those whom honor is due. So today, I wanted to highlight the efforts of one of our own. She would be the first to tell you it is not just one person and that many valued people, committees and employees are included in making sure all Bradley County monies are allocated properly.

For the past 13 years, Lynn Burns has diligently worked beside me and many others to make sure that we can all be proud of our county and its financial past, present and future standing among our great state and nation. During her tenure, she has received numerous awards for financial reporting, and her business acumen and insight have few equals.

With our budget process beginning, I just wanted to say a public thank you to Lynn and to all who help make sure that we are not only compliant, but also exceed the standard of care required to continue to be good stewards of any and all monies entrusted to us each and every day.

With more than $135 million, hundreds of funds, thousands of line items and balances to keep track of she has been a valued part of our team and the entire Bradley County family. On behalf of Bradley County government and our citizens, thank you Lynn for being you and for sharing your talents with us all.

Thank you all who choose to “bloom where planted” and have added to the fabric of our community. We are all important and more than just the sum of all parts of an equation.

May you who choose to add to and multiply, instead of divide and subtract, know that you are also appreciated and a very important reason that Bradley County truly is Tennessee at its best!