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In April 1942, Cleveland sent her young men off to prepare for the fight to end the aggression against Europe, America and the Far East.

April 7, 1942

Former Banner carrier

joins U.S. Air Corps

Harold E. Spicer served as a private first class in the Air Corps. He enlisted on July 25 just five days after his 18th birthday. He never regretted one time enlisting and his dream of being a flier, he said. He served in the ground forces as an airplane mechanic.

He was first sent to Petersburg, Va., and was transferred to Jefferson Barracks, Mo., and then to Chanute Field, Ill., where he received his corps training. Finally he was sent to the Phoenix air-training field.

Spicer was one of the best and most faithful carrier boys the Banner ever had, many agreed. He was prompt in carrying his route and punctual with delivering payments to the Banner.

April 8, 1942

Cleveland stores

took half-holidays

Most stores closed midweek at noon to give employees time to work in their gardens. The practice began in April and continued through August. It began earlier in 1942 and continued for several years in co-operation with the national defense program, according to Don Jackman, who was the head of the Cleveland Credit Exchange. He explained that it gave citizens a chance to work in their "victory gardens," and promoted strength for their bodies through out-of-door recreation.

Shoppers were urged to plan their shopping in order not to be inconvenienced.

Drug stores and filling stations remained open all day Thursdays.

Religious fervor in Cleveland

Crowds thronged the 15th Annual Bible Conference on Bob Jones College campus. Spring Bible Conference had the largest attendance in history; they stressed the Christian Youth Movement.

On the third day of the conference bright skies prevailed and hundreds of visitors crowded the campus dressed in their spring finery.

Field representatives attended from several states. Roy L. Brown led a "Bible Tour" in the morning. He originated in Detroit, where he was a successful businessman. His messages were graphically illustrated for the audiences by large colorful charts.

April 9, 1942

Parents and families

pray for men,

women in service

J. V. McLain was 22 when he served as an airplane mechanic in the U. S. Navy. He enlisted in 1940 and was sent to Norfolk, Va., and upon completion of his mechanical training was stationed in Corpus Christi, Tex.

He graduated from Bradley High School in Cleveland.

He sent his mother a photograph of himself on which he inscribed the

following poem:

“I am thinking of you Mother,

As the day grows long.

You are my guiding virtue

And in my heart a song.

Please fear not for my safety,

For my health, or for my rest.

I'm only a common sailor

But a sailor does his best.

If, and when the time comes

You find me unprepared,

It won't be your fault, Mother,

So please don't despair.

I hope to meet you yonder,

If again we don't meet here.

So pray for me, Dear Mother,

But please don't shed a tear

For your loving son.”

The war effort called for sacrifice on many levels, and Cleveland and Bradley County did their share.

April 10, 1942

Rationing of sugar

planned for Bradley

Handled by the public schools throughout the country and registrations were held April 28-29 and May 4-7 in the city. Superintendent of county schools, T. Roscoe Varnell, and R.T. Allen, superintendent of city schools, received instructions from the government.

First to be registered were retailers, wholesalers and commercial users of sugar. Later individual consumers registered. Individuals received a ration book.

April 11, 1942

Bob Jones College

surprised by

conference attendance

James McGinlay preached another of his sermons with a spritual message of uplift, salted with practical Scottish humor and wisdom.

Dr. Harry Ironside preached a message on the book of Revelation. The famous Bible teacher had been the pastor of Moody Memorial Church in Chicago for the previous 13 years. He started preaching at the young age of 14.

Dr. Bob Jones Sr. expressed surprise and delight that local people attended early morning Bible classes.