Our County: Easter brings with it a true season of renewal
by D. Gary Davis
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What do you think of at this time of year?

I know that some of you have probably been waiting until later today to file you taxes. Some may have been looking at their yard, lawn or maybe even their favorite “garden spot” and planning to enjoy, at this time of year, the upcoming rewards of prior planning and work.

And some may have been doing some cultivation of a different type. This time of renewal and spring may find you thinking of both the wonders and also the brevity of this life; that we truly are never even promised the next breath, much less the next day, month, year or decade.

The ability to reason, have thoughts, convey those thoughts through words, music and various forms of communication are reserved for us humans. This ability to communicate and govern ourselves has developed over centuries and along the way, there have been many examples of how to do this correctly and how to fail miserably with this task.

Through all of history’s vast pool of examples, there stands one whom many will celebrate at this time of year, known as Easter. One man, who was fully God while also inhabiting the body of a mere mortal man, not only lived to show us God’s ways, but he also lived to have God know our human frailties and shortcomings as well.

This example was further revealed to the population of his time and after being pronounced dead, he arose three days later. After being recognized by many, he left this earth to return again someday. Even time is still known and kept across the world to coincide with his short time on this earth as a man.

We live in Bradley County, Tenn., and enjoy religious freedom that many in this world do not get to enjoy. Just last week one of our local religious organizations with world headquarters in Cleveland announced the murder of one of their pastors in another country.

If you choose not to believe, that is your choice. If you choose to believe, that is your choice as well. We can, should and will have every opportunity to find a place of worship this Easter weekend to begin, renew or rekindle our hearts, minds and souls to better serve each other in our community.

From my family, may you and your family have a blessed Easter and know that Bradley County truly is Tennessee at its best!