Hazel Taylor
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Hazel Taylor
Hazel Taylor
For 50 years, Hazel Taylor has been serving as the secretary for the Bancroft Church of God.

However, serving as secretary was not her only connection at the church. She used to work in many areas of the church and still does.

“That’s my home church,” she said proudly. And she wanted to be of service.

She noted that secretaries in the church used to be elected. The church had someone in there whose writing was not legible.

“Pastor came to my house and asked if I would take the job. And I said yes,

“That was 1964. I’ve had the job ever since,” she said.

“I’ve enjoyed it,” she said.

She also helped organize the children’s church.

“I was a teacher there for a long time until I felt like it was my time to give it up,” she said.

Working with the children was the most enjoyable of her experiences, she said.

“Now they are grown with families of their own,” she said.

Her granddaughter Paula Ledford noted she would make the children capes.

Ledford recalled a red cape with white bow ties for a Christmas program.

Taylor said she also made purple capes for the Easter program.

Taylor also made prayer cloths to send all over the country. She still makes the prayer cloths.

Taylor noted she was raised in the Bancroft Church.

She recalled when the church floors were of sawdust. They had an oil drum to build a fire in the middle of the church. She said their were oil lamps to light the church hanging on the walls.

They had sliding windows — the windows did not have glass in them. They would slide them open.

The benches in the church were eight-long with planks. They had no back on them.

“We had to walk. We went to church whether it was snowing or raining. We went to church,” she said. “That’s all I ever knew.”

Taylor was one of 12 children. Everyone of them continued in the church. One sister was a missionary.

The day of this interview, she had been to the church to help decorate it.

When the church has dinners, she likes to cook for them. One of her specialities is homemade coconut cake — not a boxed one, but one made from scratch.

“I’ve enjoyed all I have done in the church,” Taylor said.

Ledford said her grandmother is the epitome of a “virtuous woman.”

Ledford noted her grandmother is a prayer warrier. When people are in need, they call Taylor whether it is day or night.

“I’m honored and blessed to have her,” Ledford said.