Whitmire brothers go from dual to full-time students
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Jordan and Matt Whitmire are glad they chose Cleveland State for college.
Jordan and Matt Whitmire are glad they chose Cleveland State for college.
When Cleveland State students Jordan and Matt Whitmire were in high school, they decided to take dual enrollment courses through Cleveland State Community College to get a head start on their college careers, something that has proven to be beneficial for them.

The athlete brothers entered Cleveland State with a semester of college under each of their belts.

Under dual enrollment, students are awarded both college credit and possible high school credit at the same time. At CSCC, dual enrollment classes can be taken in a variety of ways — on campus, at the high school or through an online/video course delivery.

“I took Comp I and II, and my math in high school for dual enrollment classes,” stated Matt. “It saved me a lot of time, and that was a big plus coming in my freshmen year, knowing I already had those classes finished. My parents were glad I did it, too.”

Jordan took his history and English sequence, as well as math in high school for dual enrollment.

“My mom really wanted me to do it, but I also felt like it was a good opportunity to get some classes out of the way. I started college with 15 hours, which saved me a whole semester of classes, but it saved money, too.”

Jordan continued, “I feel like your senior year you are looking for classes to take to fill your schedule, and this was a good chance to get a head start on college.”

Both brothers said they feel Cleveland State is a good fit for them. Matt is a freshman and a member of the men’s basketball team, while Jordan is a sophomore on the baseball team.

“Cleveland State was the best option for me,” stated Matt. I didn’t really know what I wanted to major in, and it gave me a few years to figure it out by taking my core classes. It also gave me the chance to play basketball in college, which is something I have always wanted to do.”

Matt is also glad he chose to attend college on the same campus as his brother. “I have followed in his footsteps a lot of the way. It is pretty cool to get to be around him a lot. We are really close.”

When making their choices, both brothers also liked the small college atmosphere Cleveland State offered.

“I am glad I chose to come to Cleveland State ... it was a smooth transition from high school because of the small class sizes,” stated Matt.

Jordan agreed with his brother. “I feel like it would have been harder to adjust going from high school to a four-year university with 100 or more people in your classes. Cleveland State is one-on-one. The teachers can walk around and help you if you need it.”

Jordan is majoring in business at CSCC, while Matt is going the general transfer route. Both are considering transferring to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, but have not yet completely made up their minds.

One thing they are certain of is their desire to play ball at the four-year university they choose to attend.

“I would like to play baseball at TTU,” Jordan said. “The competition is really good at the junior college level, so I don’t feel like it would be that big of a change.”

Matt said, “If you are an athlete, and you choose to go to a junior college, you have the opportunity to get better and be in a college program and get up to that skill level because all of the competition is at a Division II or Division I level for the most part, and you get to play against that all the time without being at the four-year school. As a freshman, you could be starting on a college team, which is really neat if you think about it.”

“The Whitmires are outstanding young men,” said Mike Policastro, Cleveland State Athletic director.

“They are both good students, as well as good players. They are the kind of student athletes we like to have, and we have really enjoyed having them as a part of our athletic program.”