Alaskan woman saw her family transformed by prayer
by JOYANNA LOVE Banner Senior Staff Writer
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MARY GLAZIER spoke about how prayer had changed her family during a prayer conference at Unity Christian Ministries.  Banner photo, JOYANNA LOVE
MARY GLAZIER spoke about how prayer had changed her family during a prayer conference at Unity Christian Ministries. Banner photo, JOYANNA LOVE

Mary Glazier of Alaska shared how prayer transformed her entire family during Unity Christian Ministries’ transformation focused prayer conference Friday.

The event was organized by Clevelander Alfreada Westfield.

Glazier became a Christian at the age of 7.

“When I was 7 years old, this Pentecostal Holiness evangelist came to our door, and she wasn’t afraid of my mother. Everybody was afraid of my mother, full-blooded Haida woman; she was a warrior,” Glazier said.

Both of Glazier’s parents were alcoholics at the time. Although Glazier’s mother did not want to hear the evangelist, Glazier let her in. The mother locked herself in the bathroom so she would not have to talk to the evangelist.

“She began to preach to my mother through the bathroom door,” Glazier said.

Glazier’s mother did not become a Christian that day, but the evangelist returned to speak to the children.

“I fell in love [with Jesus]. I felt that hope leap in my heart when I invited Jesus in,” Glazier said.

Changes for Glazier’s family began after a couple came to Ketchikan, Ala., where the Glazier’s lived, to pray. The couple put a small sign on their home that said, “House of Prayer.” They began reaching out to those on the streets in that small fishing town.

Glazier’s aunt was one of the people they told about Jesus.

“She came gloriously to Christ,” Glazier said. “So she went out and got her sister, my mother … and brought her into this meeting.”

Glazier said her mother became a Christian, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, was delivered from alcoholism and was never the same. She then began inviting her husband to come to the “House of Prayer.”

He refused.

One day the “House of Prayer” prayed specifically and earnestly for Glazier’s father.

“My father was at home, in bed, reading the newspaper and he has a vision that he is sitting in the chair and my mother and aunts are laying hands on him and praying loudly in this strange language,” Glazier said. “It scared the liver out of him. Next church service, he went with my mother.”

He sat on the back row. The pastor gave an opportunity for those who wanted to give their life to Christ to come to the altar at the front of the church.

“My father won’t walk down — he’s too proud — until a hand came on his shoulder and pushed him forward,” Glazier said. “He turned around ready to deal with the situation, and no one was behind him. It scared him so bad he ran to the altar.”

Glazier was away at college at the time and was amazed at the change in her family when she returned. Yet, she noticed something different between their Christianity and hers.

“They had something I didn’t have,” Glazier said.

Glazier said it was the power to share about Jesus given by the Holy Spirit. Her parents became evangelists to alcoholic in their village.

“No one ever told me that Jesus answers prayer,” Glazier said. “But they taught me to pray, so I prayed, not realizing that he would answer my prayers.”

It was not until she read “The Power of Positive Thinking,” in which Dr. Norman Vincent Peale says that God answers prayer that she knew. Glazier said this was a turning point because she now understood why prayer was important.

At the age of 28, Glazier also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

“I said all that to encourage you in your praying because some of you have been praying a long time. Some of you have seen some wonderful fruit, and others of you have seen very little fruit. But remember God starts small,” Glazier said.

Glazier said God often starts great things out of small things. She said he often starts miracles or “awakening” of people to a better understanding of him through just one person.

“Within one year, 60 family members came to Christ … because this little band of believing Haidas started praying,” Glazier said.

She said Christians need to realize just “how big our God is.” She said the vastness of creation demonstrates just how powerful God is.

“We are on a brink of a great move of God,” Glazier said.

She said that God has spoken to her about how He is sending awakening and revival. Glazier said God will work in and transform people and situations as Christians pray fervently for Him to move.