Keeping it Green: ‘Reasons That I Run’ similar to our use of the Greenway
by Cameron Fisher Cleveland/Bradley Greenway Board
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Cameron Fisher
Cameron Fisher
Recently on my Facebook page I got a little carried away with posting “Reasons That I Run.” It started as a whim and I just kept coming up with more reasons why I have adopted running as a fitness lifestyle. I don’t just run because it keeps me healthy; I was able to come up with a lot more reasons!

It got me to thinking about the many reasons the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway affects our community in much the same way. How about, “What Makes the Greenway Great?”

1. Versatility: The Greenway appeals to all people, of all backgrounds and of all socioeconomic states. It even appeals to all athletic levels.

2. Beauty: Where the Greenway traverses has been improved in our community. Because it is a four-mile long park, it gets cared for as a park.

3. Value: The Greenway adds value to the property it surrounds, including the neighborhoods to which it connects and to the selling of our city and county to industrial prospects.

4. Connectivity: Those listed under versatility can also enjoy conversation and ways to re-connect with friends and family through using the Greenway.

5. Venue: More and more the Greenway is an event destination, demonstrated by the many races, picnics, reunions, parties and gatherings. This will only increase with the addition of the new pavilion at Raider Drive Park.

6. Fitness: Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the Greenway is the way it has improved the lives of hundreds, whether sparking a love for running, creating an avenue for biking or unveiling the value of walking.

7. Habitat: While some may not care for the wildlife that is abundant there, the Greenway has become a living classroom as birds, ducks, beavers, and, yes, even rats and snakes have made some portion of the Greenway their home.

8. Showplace: The new mural at the 20th Street bridge is just the latest example of how the Greenway has become a place for demonstration of the arts and expression of artistic talents.

Need I go on? I could spend an entire column on each of the above … and I have on a couple!

The growth of the Greenway as a community asset demonstrates the need to continue to improve, nurture and expand it, and it will take all of us pitching in to make the Greenway great!



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