Budgeting process relies on a team effort
by Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis
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After being involved in the budgeting process now for many years as a county commissioner and your county mayor, I have come to view numbers with a different perspective.

They are a “thing,” but also can be translated into a “verb” as they are indeed action-inducing. A true budgeting process is very involved and puts the wants, needs and desires in perspective as actually being a possibility or a mere dream that while nice, has no way of becoming a reality.

The 2014-15 Bradley County budget has projected expenditures of $133 million.

The difference in our budget process as opposed to some others across the nation is that it HAS to be balanced as we do not have the luxury of just printing more money. There are also many state laws which regulate when our money is collected and the process this follows, what services we have to provide and how we can spend each amount.

For every dollar in property taxes that you pay, the accompanying chart shows how it is allocated.

The entire budget document for 2014-15 is available for review on our website at www.bradleyco.net for those who may have an interest for further review.

I am proud of the work of all Bradley County elected officials, department leaders, and employees at each and every department who not only work in Bradley County government, but also work with Bradley County each and every day to deliver exceptional care and service to our true employer, YOU the citizens of Bradley County.

There have been many who have helped to make this budget process and the budget document both a noun and a verb. It is a place for all of the numbers to be placed and a working document to be used for our employees in the process of providing the best services available with the funds that are entrusted to our care.

This task is not one I have ever taken lightly and one that I have been joined with many in the past and present who also strive to make their best effort to continue the work needed to keep Bradley County, Tennessee at its best!