Ad scam warning issued by CSCC; police are notified
by GREG KAYLOR Banner Staff Writer
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Officials at Cleveland State Community College have notified local law enforcement about someone attempting to sell advertising on their behalf.

According to Tony Bartolo, CSCC’s marketing director, the two-year college has not contracted to solicit advertising with any individual or advertising agency.

CSCC’s Chief of Campus Police Mike Hodges said he and Bartolo were made aware that someone who was allegedly representing the school had been visiting area businesses in an attempt to sell advertising for student folders.

“The individual said he represented a company named SRI Incorporated, based in Del Rey, Florida,” Hodges explained.

A local business contacted Bartolo asking if the person attempting to sell the ads was legitimate.

According to Hodges, the person had a sales guide sheet and contract printed with CSCC’s logo and information, along with pricing.

Ads for the student folders were $399 for the full-school year, while pricing for one semester was $199, according to Hodges.

“We contacted Cleveland Police Department and the local District Attorney General’s Office regarding the matter,” Hodges said.

“What we would like to make clear is that CSCC is not actively soliciting or having anyone represent us regarding advertising sales or on any website space. We are not affiliated with SRI Inc. and no one has been authorized to sell any advertising for us,” Hodges said.

Hodges is expected to file a report with CPD regarding the incident and any business that has purchased any advertising should direct questions or information to law enforcement.