Taking the time needed to listen and care
by Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis
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Time, sweet time!

Have you noticed that with ALL of the time-saving products, appliances, communication devices and modern conveniences of life each of us has, we need even more time. I know and understand that we all are pressed for time.

And then one only has to stay alert to the news media outlets of their choice to become aware that Bradley County and our communities are truly blessed when compared to not only our state, but our region, nation and the world.

The news of this past week or two has carried numerous items of concern and need of awareness.

The first has regional ties in that the two missionaries who have been infected with the Ebola virus are now being treated in an advanced medical facility less than 150 miles from us at Emory University Hospital, in Atlanta.

Issued by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention in that same city, the CDC Health Alert Network Ebola Update #1 was sent to my executive assistant and our public information officer, Dr. Lindsay L. Hathcock.

We have included this Internet link for those who may be interested in learning more concerning this disease: http://emergency.cdc.gov/han/han00365.asp.

The death of Robin Williams was another news headline for most of last week. The vast majority of our community only knew this gentleman from what was portrayed on television and the movies. The ability to find humor and then convey that humor in a way that is contagious to others is truly a gift that few attain, much less own for decades.

This loss brings a needed awareness for us all to take a look around our circle of friends and family for signs of those who may be in need — even with those who seem to have it all together — and take some time to truly care. A thoughtful and sincere, “How are you? Is there anything that we can do to help?” may make all the difference to someone in our county today.

We have wonderful medical facilities to help protect our physical health, amazing professional facilities to help protect our emotional health locally and as we learned last week a new 211 system to improve and facilitate access to needed care and programs.

May we all take some extra time this week to ensure that our family, friends, city, county and region know that they are important to us personally and as a community.

This ability to take the time to truly care is just one characteristic that continues to keep Bradley County ... Tennessee at its best!