Book Review: ‘Angels’ is collection of stories over 20 years
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“Angels Come in Strange Disguises”
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“Angels Come in Strange Disguises”

By Mavis Thompson

In “Angels Come in Strange Disguises,” Indian-born author Mavis Thompson reflects on how angels have touched her and her family’s lives unexpectedly over the years in a heartwarming and inspirational compilation of life-affirming anecdotes.

“These are angels,” Mavis Thompson said, “one and all, they are permanently on call. So, if you feel alone and sad, just call, they’ll come to make you glad.”

After reading a story in the newspaper about a suicidal man who was prepared to jump off of a bridge until a stranger approached him, convinced him to give life a second chance, disappearing before he could be thanked, Thompson was inspired to finally publish the collection of stories she has recorded for more than 20 years.

The stories were all true accounts of angels appearing to her or her loved ones and the mysterious and unexpected shapes and forms they take in our daily lives. !

They began with Thompson’s childhood, when she was a sickly child and a mysterious visitor, Bishop Pakenham Walsh, visited her bedside and prayed with her. After he left, Thompson was healthy, and she later learned that suffering people all over India were often healed by the bishop.

Thompson believes, also, angels had a hand in her meeting her second husband, Michael. Thompson was at a dedication of a stained glass window in her church for her late husband, Peter. Michael spotted her and later approached her at a social after mass.

In addition to these deeply personal, affecting stories, the book also includes numerous poems which Thompson believes were channeled to her from Raphael, the Archangel of Creativity.

“Angels Come in Strange Disguises” is a delightful and charming collection of stories for those who love angel stories, and are inspired to connect with a more spiritual realm. Even more cynical readers will find their hearts melting at Thompson’s moving accounts — some lighthearted and amusing, others more dramatic and poignant — but all unforgettable.

Readers will even be inspired to recall incidents in their own lives that, in hindsight, were not merely coincidences, but the work of angels.

Thompson’s unwavering faith has sustained and inspired her throughout her life, and she shares these memorable stories with readers. Many of Thompson’s stories stress that there will always be “light at the end of the tunnel” and to trust God will always send an angel when one is needed.

Thompson was born in India 1938. She relocated in the 1960s to Bolney, West Sussex, England, where she worked as a personnel manager for an insurance agency. She was married for more than 30 years to her first husband, Peter Kelly, with whom she has three children: Adrian, Deborrah and Sharon.

She and her current husband, Michael Thompson, continue to live in West Sussex by the sea.

“Angels Come in Strange Disguises” is published by Clink Street Publishing and is available online at retailers including and can be ordered from all good bookstores.