System glitches slow transition
by DELANEY WALKER Banner Staff Writer
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Bradley Healthcare and Rehabilitation administrator Dennis Burtnett reported the transition to the Point Click Care system is more complicated than anticipated.

“I think it is going smoother than it did, but there are still a couple roadblocks,” he told the board at a recent meeting.

Controller Sandy Brock said a financial coach is being used to help with the transition. The coach has stayed longer than is normal upon Brock’s request.

Brock explained the nursing home will have to go through the help desk once the financial coach leaves. She explained it is more efficient to handle the kinks in the Point Click Care system with a local contact.

Burtnett identified one roadblock as being recent changes to what Medicare will and will not accept.

Brock added, “Everything has to be set up exactly in this new system, and we are finding things all the time that are not set up correctly that we are having to go back and try and fix the issues.”

Burtnett reiterated the process is going smoother than it was initially.

Bradley County Commissioner Bill Winters asked whether the system is supposed to be more efficient.

Brock explained the process to the board members. She said a glitch has been found at one of the last stages on more than one occasion. The glitch can be something like co-insurance missing a zip code. The Bradley Healthcare workers then have to go back into the system, fix the problem and send the information through the process again.

Winters pointed out the nursing home is paying around $38,000 a month for the program.

“Point Click Care has a larger amount of codes,” Burtnett said. “They are a huge company with a huge customer base. Therefore, they have a lot more codes ... there is a lot more that has to transition over.”

Brock explained the nursing home’s frustration has been the lack of insight offered by the Point Click Care company.

She said Bradley Healthcare has had to find the glitches on its own instead of receiving warnings or advice. The process of filing information, finding a glitch and starting over has added extra work on the nursing home.

The financial coach points out the issue and walks the appropriate staff through how to rectify the situation and avoid a problem in the future.

Brock reported handling the system has gotten better.

“We have closed out the month by mid-month this month, which the two months before we were at the end of the month going into the next month [before] getting it to close,” she said. “So we did get closed out, but we still had glitches going out.”

Burtnett said Brock and the staff have worked hard on the matter.

Board members reacted well to the news of the new contract between Bradley Healthcare and Hospice of Chattanooga. Burtnett said both sides are excited about the partnership.

“We are strongly looking at developing a good relationship with them,” he said. “They are the largest hospice in Chattanooga, in this area. If anyone can refer hospice patients to us, they can.”