School board split over press box roof
by DELANEY WALKER Banner Staff Writer
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Equipment and repairs needed at the secondary schools of the Cleveland education system resulted in much discussion at the school board meeting Tuesday night.

Director of Maintenance and Transportation Hal Taylor explained the Cleveland High football press box roof is in need of replacement. The matter was previously discussed at a school board site committee meeting. Taylor presented three options to the board: 

- Shingle roof replacement, $7,000 to $8,000;

- Metal installation with external fasteners, $8,000 to $10,000; and

- Standing seam metal roof, $15,000 to $17,000.

According to Taylor, the current shingle roof is about five years overdue for replacement. The press box itself is structurally sound. Taylor warned the structural integrity of the small building could be compromised if the roof is not fixed soon.

Board member Charlie Cogdill said the press box roof never changed while he was athletic director. Cleveland Middle Principal Mike Collier said the current roof is the original from 1992.

A different lifespan is expected for each of the three options. Taylor said shingles would last 15 to 20 years. A metal installation would not need to be replaced for 30 to 40 years. However, the same metal roof would need to have fasteners checked every five years. The standing seam metal roof has an estimated 40- to 50-year lifespan.

Taylor suggested the board approve the third option. He acknowledged it was the most expensive before pointing out it would last the longest and require the least maintenance.

Board members expressed unease at spending so much money on a press box roof which may outlast the building itself.

“This is a building that sits there. It does not have students in it all year long,” Robinson said. “It is used during football season, and we are going to put a roof on it that is better than the roof on some of our buildings?”

Steve Morgan said if he had not ever been 50 feet off of the ground on a bad roof, he might think twice, too.

“If there is one hole, somebody has to go up there and I don’t want to take that chance,” he said of the press box located at the top of the tall metal bleachers.

Morgan said he did not want to have to tell somebody’s family member they had fallen from the roof during a routine maintenance, if there was a chance to pay a little extra for a more durable roof. He made a motion to follow Taylor’s suggestion of going with the standing seam metal roof. Charlie Cogdill seconded the motion.

Board members George Meacham, Cogdill, Morgan and Peggy Pesterfield voted yes. Robinson, Tom Cloud and Murl Dirksen voted no.

Cleveland Schools financial officer Brenda Carson said the money would be taken out of the sales tax fund.

The board approved up to $15,000 on a new sound system for Cleveland Middle School.

Board members thanked Taylor for his work on two projects.