Cleveland residents against BP protests
by Lucie R. Willsie
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NO PROTEST— Cleveland residents do not support protests against BP stations. Banner photo, LUCIE R. WILLSIE
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Could only hurt Cleveland residents

Roughly 75 percent of Cleveland residents don’t like the idea of the recent protests against BP stations because protesting might lose local folks their jobs.

And the other 25 percent support folks protesting for what they believe, but not necessarily against BP, because they agree that it just isn’t fair to the local workers.

“I don’t fault anyone for protesting,” said Tyrone Richmond. “People have a right to do that, but it will affect local people’s jobs. I never want people to lose their jobs.”

Others don’t even see the point or benefit of protesting at all.

“That’s right what I don’t understand,” said Charles Calhoun. “People think that protesting BP will change anything.”

Protesting, he feels, won’t do any good for anyone. So many Americans these days already know exactly how devastating it is to lose a job.

Charles Calhoun also feels that the oil spill in the Gulf was truly an accident.

“And accidents happen,” Charles Calhoun said. He feels protesting doesn’t really seem an appropriate response to an accident.

In addition, another company — similar to BP — will just come along and continue to run the business the same way anyway, Charles Calhoun said.

And as far as what to do to try to solve the current crisis, a couple of different suggestions were given.

Charles Calhoun thinks that the spill can be stopped quickly if the Navy were sent down to plug the hole.

But Richmond feels that the solution needs to come from the government and company executives.

“The problem lies on top — Congress and BP — and that’s where this has to be resolved,” Richmond said.

In addition, Matt Calhoun wanted to remind consumers local companies which sell BP gasoline, such as Kangaroo, are the ones running the stations. BP gasoline is just one of the many products the company sells just like, for example, the chewing gum inside the convenience store.

“Kangaroo doesn’t have anything to do with BP,” said Matt Calhoun. “I don’t think anybody has answers. That’s just the thing. Nobody knows what to do.”

However, Mary Ruth Calhoun, Charles’ mom, has made her decision.

“BP gas is all I use in my car,” Mary Calhoun said. “I have a big car and the only thing that works in it is BP gas.”

She has a Mercury and she has been using BP gas exclusively in it for the past 13 or 14 years.

“And I’m going to use it (BP gasoline) as long as they got it,” she said.